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Phillip Wang


Calabasas, California



B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Santa Cruz

M.A. Molecular Biology, UC Santa Cruz


Degree In Progress 

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California


Current Research

Phil is currently evaluating antiobitic resistance in anaerobic treatment systems for agricultural reuse.

Journal Publications

Baygi, A. Z., Wang, P., Harb, M., Stadler, L. B., & Smith, A. L. 2020. Membrane fouling inversely impacts intracellular and extracellular antibiotic resistance gene abundances in the effluent of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor. Environmental science & technology.


Rice, E.W., P. Wang, A.L. Smith, and L.B. Stadler, 2020. Determining hosts of antibiotic resistance genes: A review of methodological advances. Environmental Science & Technology Letters.


AZ Baygi, M Harb, P Wang, L Stadler, AL Smith, 2020. Microbial community and antibiotic resistance profiles of biomass and effluent are distinctly affected by antibiotics addition to an anaerobic membrane bioreactor.  Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. 


Harb, M., P. Wang, A. Zarei-Baygi, M. Plumlee, and A.L. Smith, 2019. Background antibiotic resistance and microbial communities in an urban aquifer influence advanced purified water after groundwater recharge. Environmental Science & Technology Letters.


Zarei-Baygi, A., M. Harb, P. Wang, L.B. Stadler, and A.L. Smith, 2019. Evaluating antibiotic resistance gene correlations with antibiotic exposure conditions in anaerobic membrane bioreactors. Environmental Science & Technology 53(7), 3599-3609.

P Wang, M Harb, A Zarei-Baygi, LB Stadler, AL Smith. 2019. Comparative analysis of intracellular and extracellular antibiotic resistance gene abundance in anaerobic membrane bioreactor effluent. BioRxiv, 702076

Fun Facts 

Phil enjoys watching football, traveling, and playing ukulele. He also likes to pick things up and put them down.