Welcome Harmita Golwala, our new PhD student
August 2021
Learn about the wastewater surveillance research of SARS-COV-2 and how it helps to the USC campus with case management. Link here: https://viterbischool.usc.edu/news/2021/05/an-opportunity-to-mitigate-student-health-outbreaks-through-wastewater/
May 2021

Harmita Golwala, our Master's student research assistant, is featured on Viterbi News. Learn more about her experience at USC and the impact microplastics research had in her career. Link here
May 2021

Congratulations Connor for being awarded the NSF GRFP!
April 2021

Dr. Smith gets featured in a USC experts article that tackles the fight against antibiotic resistance from different angles. Read more on the insight provided by Dr. Smith on ARGs in Wastewater here
February 2021

Congratulations to Ali for publishing a review paper on the role of intracellular vs extracellular antibiotic resistance genes in the environment and winning the Research Advisor award!

October 2020



Research shows sewers could be key to identifying, stopping COVID-19 outbreaks. Exciting updates on the research performed by our lab team on wastewater surveillance gets featured on the news, for more information follow the link here.
December 2020

Big welcome to Connor Sauceda and Raven Althouse who joined our group as Ph.D. students this month!

August 2020



Could sewers be key to detecting COVID-19 outbreaks?
The wastewater based epidemiology study gets featured in NBC Los Angeles News. To see the full report follow the link here.
August 2020

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 3.23.14 PM.png
The wastewater based epidemiology research gets featured in KCRW radio. To listen to the interview to Dr. Smith on the ongoing advancements and opportunities click here
July 2020

The SHINE program ends with successful poster and online presentation by Nico Luo and Joseph Chen, the High school students that joined the lab remotely this summer.
July 2020

May arrives with exciting news: Chen got a position in University of Iowa for a PhD and Qin Dong receives MS research award!
May 2020

The wastewater based epidemiology study is awarded by the RAPID NSF fund to collaborate with other universities in Texas, North Carolina and Washington DC.
May 2020

Congratulations to Syeed for securing a position at North Dakota State University as an incoming Assistant Professor!
May 2020

Yamrot is a finalist in the 2020 PhD Best Dissertation Virtual Symposium.
April 2020

Dr. Smith is awarded tenure and a promotion to Associate Professor!
April 2020

Congratulations to Bianca for winning the NSF GRFP 2020 Fellowship and receiving an Honorable Mention in the FORD Foundation 2020 fellowship!
March 2020

Our high school student researcher, Sarah was our SHINE student this past summer. More information about the program can be found here.
November 2019

USC Provost's New Directions for Research and Scholarship Award recently funded for the project "Isolating Microbial Dark Matter to Breathe Greenhouse Gases."

19 September 2019



Big welcome to Bianca Costa who joined our group as a Ph.D. student and to Syeed Md Iskander as a Post Doctoral Research Scholar this month!

August 2019



Time (day).jpeg
Undergraduates in the environmental engineering microbiology course taught by Dr.Smith use the brand-new lab space to study their own microbiomes.

13 December 2018



Siming’s 2018 paper "Methane-driven microbial fuel cells recover energy and mitigate dissolved methane emissions from anaerobic effluents" was one of the best papers for 2018 in ESWRT.

28 March 2019



NSF proposal to study the effect of material properties and scaling on wetting of membranes used in membrane distillation awarded with Dr. Amy Childress. For more information click here.

1 June 2018



Dr. Smith is co-charing the upcoming Anaerobic Digestion AD17 conference with Dr. Lutgarde Raskin!


Dr. Smith was recently featured on the Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology Blog as part of their Emerging Investigator Series. Checkout his Q&A here.

8 November 2018



Congrats to Siming and Moustapha for publishing their latest research! The paper, "Emerging investigators series: revisiting greenhouse gas mitigation from conventional activated sludge and anaerobic-based wastewater treatment systems ," was published in Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology and can be found here.

24 October 2018



Checkout Tranice's article in Viterbi News discussing her recent NSF Fellowship and research! Find the article here.

23 October 2018



Congrats to Stephanie for publishing her first paper while at USC! The paper, "Optimizing electrospinning parameters for piezoelectric PVDF nanofiber membranes," was published in Journal of Membrane Science and can be found here.

10 July 2018



Congrats to Stephanie Gee and Tranice' Warner for receiving NSF Graduate Research Fellowships this year! Viterbi had four fellowship recipients this year and we are ecstatic that two came from our research group!

3 April 2018



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