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Adverse stressors on our planet's resources are driving major shifts in the way we manage water. We are beginning to expand our objectives beyond protection of local water quality to regional and even global environmental protection. An important part of this shift is the recognition that wastewater is a valuable resource of energy, nutrients, and water. The Smith Research Group evaluates environmental biotechnologies to improve our water infrastructure by recovering these resources from waste streams. Our research encompasses process engineering, microbial ecology, and sustainability assessment to design and develop new and emerging processes for water and wastewater treatment.  


Our research team is currently seeking motivated students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at USC. The application deadline to the Viterbi School of Engineering for funding consideration is December 15th. More information on the application process is available here. In addition, we frequently have opportunities for M.S. and undergraduate students interested in part-time research.


If interested in applying to our lab (Post Doctoral Scholar or PhD application as well as MS or undergraduate directed research), please fill out the Prospective Scholars Inquiry Form on our Prospective Scholars page.

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