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Bianca Costa


Lima, Peru



M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California, 2021

B.S. Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018

Degree In Progress 

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering


Current Research

Micro-pollutants biotransformation from wastewater and solid waste.


  1. Barnes, Shelby J., Raven C. Althouse, Bianca F. Costa, Boyan Hu, Maxim Kovalev, Timur Kulik, Yu-Tung Lee, Meredith C. Moore, Emily Peng, Jing Yao Pook, Akshita Sharma, Celia Wood, Eric A. Webb, Hannah Sterling, Christoph Aeppli, and J. Cameron Thrash. 2023. Metagenome-assembled genomes from photo-oxidized and non-oxidized oil-degrading marine microcosms. Microbiology Resource Announcements. doi: 10.1128/mra.00210-23.

  2. Dykstra, C. M., Costa, B. and Pavlostathis, S.G. Bioanode Sulfur Cycling Enhances Biocathodic Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Methane.  (Under revision) Submitted to: Environmental Science and Technology.

  3. Costa, B. Characterizing iron reducing microorganisms from anoxic ferruginous lake sediments. Undergraduate Thesis. SMARTech, Georgia Tech Library.

Conference Presentations

  1. Costa, B and Glass, J. Characterizing iron reducing microorganisms from anoxic ferruginous lake sediments”, Georgia Institute of Technology 14th Annual undergraduate research spring symposium, April 2018.

  2. Costa, B. and Hatzell, M. Capacitive Deionization Lab Kit”, STEM Innovators Conference 2016 (Peach State LSAMP 11th Annual National Symposium and Research Conference), February 2017.

Fun Facts 

Bianca likes playing the guitar and painting in her free time.

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