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Ali Zarei-Baygi



Mashhad, Iran



B.S. Civil Engineering-Water and Wastewater, Power and Water University of Technology

M.S. Environmental Engineering, Sharif University of Technology


Degree In Progress 

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California 


Current Research

Evaluating antiobitic resistance in agricultral reuse water generated by anaerobic processes.


Journal Publications

1. Zarei-Baygi, Ali, Mohammadreza Moslemi, and Seyyed Hossein Mirzaei. "The combination of KMnO 4 oxidation and polymeric flocculation for the mitigation of membrane fouling in a membrane bioreactor." Separation and Purification Technology 159 (2016): 124-134.

Conference Presentations

1. Zarei Baygi, A., L.B. Stadler, and A.L. Smith, 2017. Comparative evaluation of antibiotic resistance in full-scale activated sludge systems and bench-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor. AEESP Conference, June 20-22, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fun Facts 

Enjoys playing soccer and volleyball and watching movies and TV series.

920 Downey Way. BHE 221

Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Southern California